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Carine vyfeyken




There's a poetic sense of play in the jewellery of Carine Vyfeyken.

A play on emotions, proportions and patterns from nature. The intricate delights of the object, its allusions, its hidden humour make them more than just jewellery, they're nature narratives.

Becoming a jewellery designer was never planned.'I have always thought of jewellery as miniature sculptures. I have this idea of a slightly surreal collection, of not to explain everything to everybody. Every artefact is created organically; every piece embodies a poetic sensibility.'





A 75 graduate, Carine Vyfeyken started out as a graphic designer and photo stylist. She did several campaigns for the bigger Belgian magazines and fashion houses, amongst others, together with Base Design.

Later on she got the oppurtunity to work as an art director for Rue Blanche.

A few years later she ended up designing the collections. After 20 years collaborating with this Belgian fashion house, she wanted to slow the fashion system and started traveling between Belgium an Menorca. In 2012, Carine Vyfeyken gave birth to her own eponymous demi-couture label, inspired by nature and organic forms.

Text by Tamara De Mey  _ Photo © Bart Kiggen

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